Waterspill Junction has demonstrated its capacity to successfully produce arts projects that put into practice its mission: 

  • To highlight African American accomplishments and contributions to the arts 
  • To use the performing arts to educate the community at large
  • To provide theatrical and interdisciplinary media performances and education drawn from African American traditions and experiences through theatre, music, dance and writing


about waterspill junction

Waterspill Junction was granted exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in May of 1998. It was started because founder Rose Weaver believes that, "The arts have a way of changing the distance people have to the issues they are dealing with…it can bring them closer in to see the details, or help them take a step back to see the whole picture.” (New York Expressive Arts Director, Denie Whalen, who uses the arts to facilitate self-discovery and healing.) 

 waterspill junction